Symptoms of Pregnancy in First Month

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is a complicated thing especially if you are not aware of it. There are symptoms which can possibly point out to pregnancy, and there are symptoms which sometimes lead to false alarm. It is crucial to watch out for these symptoms, not only for your health but also for the possibility that you might be carrying a child and taking good care of it is your responsibility.

Pregnancy symptoms occur in different ways, and it is a fact there are other pregnancy symptoms than just a missed period. If you are sexually active, trying to conceive or if you are having symptoms you are not sure of, here are the lists of signs you should watch out for:

1. Nausea

The most common symptom of pregnancy is nausea. Blood pressure drops in the early period of pregnancy is highly expected. The blood vessels become dilated, which will cause dizziness. Some might even experience fainting, especially for people who typically have low blood pressure.

2. Food cravings

Food cravings happen, not only during menstrual periods, it also happens when you are carrying a child inside your womb. Some women might have weird food cravings as early as the first month and might get more vital towards the second term. You might tend to have a larger appetite than usual and develop sensitivity to certain smells.

3. Aching breasts

Aching breasts may be a sign of irritation, however, most often it is a sign of pregnancy. Hormonal changes can affect the size of the chest, so tender and swollen breasts are very common. The areola – which is the area around the nipple, will likely change into a darker shade or even grow larger.

4. Mood swings

Another symptom to look for is experiencing mood swings without any particular reason you can aware of. High estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy can affect your mood and make you more sensitive than usual. Physical exhaustion and stress can also cause sudden mood changes.

5. Bloating

Bloating is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. The uterus expands typically during pregnancy, and the digestive system slows down due to hormonal changes. This causes a feeling of constipation or bloating.

6. Missed period

Missing the period is one of the early signs to look out for, especially for women who have a regular cycle. However, there are cases that some pregnant women still get their period, but the chances are pretty low. You can immediately get yourself tested with a pregnancy kit at the first sign of a missed period.

7. Spotting

Some women might experience bleeding within the first trimester due to the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus lining.

Every case is different. Some women may have more prevailing symptoms from others during the first month. You might also not get the same symptoms you had with your first child with your second child. If you are feeling any pregnancy symptoms, it will be best to consult a physician.

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